Spectacular Sunflowers!

Sunflower closeup
Sunflower in bloom!

Take a drive on Martin Street North, to harshellfarm.com, in the Almonte area, and you will be amazed by the beauty … 7 acres of sunflowers just bursting with yellow and buzzing with bees.

Over the past couple of weeks we have watched our sunflower fields begin to bloom, burst into full colour, and now, sadly, begin to lose their brilliant yellow petals.  Look closely though …. There are many flowers just reaching their peak.

Since it is our first year to grow sunflowers on this scale, we have been anxiously watching the transformation from tiny sunflower seeds to 4-5 foot high plants with flower heads in all sizes.

While we have been enjoying the view, so have many of our neighbours, friends, and local photographers.  We are proud of our family farm and it makes us very happy to see cars, pedestrians, bicyclists, joggers, motorcyclists, tractors, and even airplanes slow to have a closer look.  We have seen as many as 5 cars at one time taking pictures of the sunflowers and yesterday we saw a family setting up with a tri-pod to take a family portrait.

As I sit to write this blog post, I have just had a chat with a lovely young lady from Ottawa, who called to ask permission to have her engagement pictures taken in our sunflower fields.  We are humbled by this request and more than happy to oblige.  Congratulations Asal and Mark!

Although most of the yellow will soon disappear, the plants will continue to put effort into producing the bounty of sunflower seeds which will be available later in the season as bird seed.   We also plan to try small batch sunflower oil production so stayed tuned for our progress.

Check back often for progress on our other crops. We are very close to beginning the harvest of the hard red winter wheat and so, our road way will be a very busy place.  The combine will be in the fields, the tractor and wagon will be hauling the wheat to our farm yard, where the wheat will be augured into our tractor trailer for delivery to its next stop.  Next, a tractor and large square baler will arrive to bale the straw (the refuge from the wheat plant).  The large square bales of straw will be sold for use in vegetable gardens, and as bedding for animals.

Thanks for visiting harshellfarm.com and we will post another update soon.

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