Home grown, Fresh, and Local Birdseed – New To Harshell Farm

Harshell Fresh and Local Bird Seed

As we resign ourselves to the fact that winter has arrived here at Harshell Farm, we are happy to announce that our local birds love our newest product … bird seed.

In 2015, for the first time, we grew sunflowers and flax.  The feedback was incredible as these beautiful crops took on their vibrant colours … stunning sunflower yellow and gorgeous flax blue.

Photographers loved the opportunity to capture the beauty while friends, neighbours, and strangers greatly admired the transformation of the fields to a kaleidoscope of colours.

In the fall, the flax and sunflower crops were harvested and the abundance of seed was stored for our newest enterprise.  Yes, we’ve added a new piece to our much diversified farming operation.

We are now offering completely homegrown birdseed for our local feathered friends.  Thirty pound bags of black oil sunflower seeds, and 40 pound bags of our “Farmers Blend” bird seed are available for purchase at the farm.

The “Farmers Blend” contains 50% black oil sunflower, along with whole and cracked corn, cracked oats, whole wheat, and whole flax.

We can’t keep our feeders full as the cardinals, doves, pigeons, buntings, blue jays, chickadees, wood peckers, turkeys, and crows feast daily.

If you are out our way, you can also spend some time watching a flock of approximately 100 wild turkeys cleaning up the leftover seed in the field where we harvested the sunflowers.  They are comical to watch as they flit around, seeking out and attacking random sunflower heads.  It might be the cheapest therapy you’ll find to cure the January doldrums.

Take a drive on Martin Street North, Almonte and see for yourself.  If you are interested in purchasing homegrown, fresh, and local food for your bird feeders, contact us and we will arrange a time to meet.
Thanks for now.  Snuggle up and stay warm.


Harold & Shelley


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