“License to Farm” Documentary Reaffirms Why We Love to Farm

Took some time this afternoon and we watched the newly released License to Farm documentary.  Congratulations to all involved in the production of this incredible and poignant video.

As farmers, we all love what we do … and we do what we love because we are a proud and passionate group, who are charged with feeding the world.

It’s not a job we take lightly.  We know that, beyond our farm gate, when we are done feeding our families, we are also feeding the masses.  We conscientiously produce the highest quality products we can, utilizing the latest technology and innovation available to us.

We are the stewards of this great land, and when our generation is done with our work, the next generation will carry on …. using innovation and technology to alsoproduce some of the highest quality food in the world.  They too will wake each morning with pride and passion for the job they face and also go to bed each night knowing that they have done their very best to help feed the world, while utilizing sustainable farming practises on the family farm.

Check our License to Farm at:





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