Whole Grains 101

It’s a very good day – I learned something! Glutinous is not the same as glutenous!!!

While doing a little research on millet, since that’s a brand new crop for us at Harshell in 2016, our son directed us to “The Serious Eats Guide to Whole Grains”.

Have you ever tried to explain to someone that not all grains contain gluten, or what the difference is between regular vs “whole grain” bread, or how white flour differs from whole wheat flour?

All great questions and we are always happy to try to make sense of it all, to the interested non farmer.  Admittedly though, it is a little confusing – even for life long farmers.

Check out this website – it’s a very good read.  Amaranth or oats … quinoa or  rye … and what about coixseed (Job’s Tears) …. all you need to know about 14 different “grains”.


Oh … and back to the millet … we launched a new enterprise in 2016 and began bagging our very own black oil sunflower seed as well as a “farmer’s mix” wild bird seed.  We grew absolutely

every ingredient and mixed seed will include millet for the winter of 2016-17.  Check back in the fall and we will have an update on the birdseed business.

Road side signs are going up soon.  Take a drive along Martin Street North, Almonte, to get your “Ag-education” after mid May.
Thanks for checking in.







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