Ottawa Valley’s LOCAL Bird Seed Company

At Harshell, just outside of Almonte, in the Ottawa Valley, we are producing “local food for local birds”.  Since “local” is all the rage, we thought it might be time to hop on that train of thought and promote the fact that we are a local farm family, growing and bagging our own line of sunflower seed, as well as our “farmer’s mix” bird seed.  It doesn’t get more local than this.

From our fields to your feeders, it’s hard to argue with the preference your back yard birds have for our great products.  After all, those same birds were feeding in our fields until the crops were harvested. Now, we are able to offer you that same quality seed, as we begin bagging and selling local bird seed, for our second year.

Black oil sunflower seed is flying out the door in 35 lb bags.  We guarantee that this is 100% 2016 crop and so, you will be feeding nice plump sunflower seed that is fresh from the field and not empty shells due to issues with carry over inventory you may purchase at retailers.

As well, we offer a “farmer’s mix” which contains 50% black oil sunflower, cracked and whole corn, whole wheat, and flax seed which has a high oil content for the little birds.  100% of the content is local and this line of seed was a huge success last winter as well.

Bird seed is available here at the farm and it’s always best to call or text before coming to make a purchase. 613-978-4464

Also check back soon as we finalize a deal to have our products carried exclusively at a local retailer.  It’s a win/win/win where one family business supports another family business and you, the consumer, have access to an excellent, completely local product.

Shop Local, Buy Local, Support Local.

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