Harshell Enterprises Does Well at Ottawa Valley Farm Show

That’s a wrap!  Another Ottawa Valley Farm Show is complete and our small family farm did well again this year.

Judging of the Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec Championship Seed Show took place at Greely on March 11th.  Harshell entries, in several categories, placed well and were then displayed at the Court of Honour at the Ottawa Valley Farm Show from March 14-16 at the EY Centre.

Harshell took first place in canola, 2 row malting barley, sunflower seed, and the sheaf of wheat.  We are very pleased with the results and look forward to next year’s show.

We are especially pleased with our first place showing in 2 row malting barley because, we are entering the “malt” market for the very first time, in 2017. A craft “maltster” will be malting our Newdale Barley and then marketing it back to approximately 20 craft breweries from all over Ontario.   The maltster feels that our Ottawa Valley terroir, will add the perfect colour and flavour to his IPA malt.  Terroir is flavour from soil, climate, seed, and farmer which influences the flavour of food/beverage.  

Also, our Harshell Birdseed, which had a fantastic launch on the local birdseed market, through Levi Home Hardware this past winter, can now be distinguished as containing  Ottawa Valley’s First Prize Black Oil Sunflower Seed.  Look for that added piece on next year’s bird seed bags.  Small wonder the local birds love our bird seed!

A huge thanks to all our local customers who have supported our bird seed enterprise.  It is rewarding to be producing an excellent quality bird seed, for the local market, and receiving such positive feedback.  Watch for this year’s sunflower crop, at the end of our lane-way, and feel free to stop by and take some photos.


Harold and Shelley



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