Sunflowers! Sunflowers! Sunflowers! 2017 is Spectacular!



We’ve got sunflowers by the thousands this year and despite the unfavourable weather for most of our other crops, the sunflowers are having their best showing ever.

We’ve got 22 acres destined for birdseed in the fall, but, for now, come on out and enjoy the view.  We encourage you to take lots of photos and welcome you to share them with us on twitter @mbashelley.  If you do stop by, feel free to pull off the road and onto the grass to the left or our laneway.  As we are farmers, we often need to come in and our out laneway with large farm equipment so, having the laneway blocked is never ideal.

This past week was likely the peak for beauty and for traffic to the field.  We were honoured to host several maternity and engagement photo shoots in our sunflowers as well as lots of family portraits.  Our field was also featured on the “photo of the day” at 6:00 p.m. on CTV news.

If you haven’t yet had a chance to visit, please do so at your earliest convenience as the flowers will not be spectacular for much longer.  As always, we ask that you enjoy the sunflowers, without cutting or damaging them.  The flowers produce the seeds which are an integral part of our farm family bird seed business.

We have been overwhelmed by the genuine appreciation shown and expressed by our community.  We are proud of our place in agriculture and happy to share what we do, with you.

See you soon,

Harold & Shelley

Harshell Family Farm

Almonte, ON


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