Harshell Fresh and Local Birdseed Hits the Ottawa Farmers’ Market

In our third year of growing, bagging, and selling our fresh and local birdseed, we’ve branched out and can be found each Sunday, at the Ottawa Farmers Market in the Aberdeen Pavilion.








Come check us out from 10-3 for all your back yard bird feeding needs.  We’ve expanded our product line and you can now purchase the following products from us at the market:

Black Oil Sunflower Seed – 35 lb bag, 20 lb bag, or by the 1 lb package

Mixed Bird Seed  (50% Sunflower & 50% Corn/Wheat/Buckwheat) – 35 lb bag, 20 lb bag, or by the 1 lb package

Suet & Mixed Seed Wreaths, Balls, and Cakes

Corn Cobs – ready to hang in your tree for Blue Jays (and squirrels)

Bird Feeders – made on our farm

We’ve got everything you need to get started or to enhance your love of back yard bird feeding.

Our birdseed is also available at Levi Home Hardware in Almonte and at our farm if you prefer.

See you soon,

Harold & Shelley

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