Hashell Enterprises Patiently Waiting for Another Spring on the Farm

It’s hard to believe that another winter, of feeding the birds,  has come and gone (at least we hope it’s finally gone).  This was our 3rd season in the birdseed business and we upped our game this year by joining the Ottawa Farmers Market and selling seed at the Lansdowne location.  We met many passionate bird lovers and grew our customer base exponentially.  It was a great first experience and we will be back in the fall with fresh product.  We do have some inventory left over so if you feed year round, please find our seed at Levi Home Hardware in Almonte during regular business hours, or at our farm near Blakeney.

For now our attention turns to planting our 400 acres of crops and serving our large client base for custom planting and spraying services.  We had a bit of a worker bee this past week to completely overhaul our no-till drill which has planted several thousand acres of grains, forages, and soybeans over the past decade.  As we aren’t fortunate enough to have a large shop with cement floor and hydro, our maintenance takes place outdoors, beside our small shop.  Great weather made the task a little bit more manageable.

We’ve been scouting our fields for winter survival of fall seeded crops and also looking for early weed growth.  It’s too wet for us to plant anything yet but, we are planning to get some pre-plant herbicide application done and some fertilizer broadcast on to fields that are dry enough to carry the equipment.  A few dry days are all that we need to be rolling at full speed.

This year we will have a diverse crop portfolio once again.  Come out for a drive in  a couple of weeks and watch for our signs labelling our fields: clover, hay, rye, malting barley, corn, identity preserved soybeans, buckwheat, and of course, our ever popular sunflowers.

We look forward to a great year in 2018, after drought in 2016 and monsoon rains in 2017.  This is going to be our best year ever as we work hard to produce excellent quality, fresh and local,  products for our customers.


Harold still recovering from knee replacement but doing what he can.
Willy the farm dog keeping a close eye on his new best friend (Johnie).
Wes, Amy, and Johnie enjoying the family time while working on repair job.
Mike, Wes, and Harold replacing worn parts on JD 1560 No Till Drill

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