2020 Sunflower Location and Update

This year’s sunflower show is coming along nicely.  After struggling with this season’s drought, last weekend’s rain has been good to the crop. With more rain predicted for today and lots of sunshine in the forecast, we are hopeful for a great outcome.

We are about 2 weeks from optimum bloom time and will update this website as we progress toward peak beauty.

A reminder that access to the sunflower field is strictly prohibited at all times.  The field is private property and we ask that you respect that while visiting.  You are welcome to take all the photos you wish, from outside the fenced field.  As well, we are conventional cash crop farmers and remind you that herbicides are in use, in the field, during the season.   The beauty of the sunflowers is not lost on us, but we are managing the crop for the production of bird seed and use best management practices to do so.

We have had many emails/texts/phone calls in recent days, inquiring about the status of the crop and whether we are “open” for visitors this season, during the pandemic.  Visitors are welcome to the location of the sunflower field (stay outside the fence please) and we ask that you respect the physical distancing protocols for outdoor activities.

We have also had requests to support our business, financially, so that this “local attraction” remains viable during challenging times in our industry.  We appreciate the thoughtfulness of those who have recognized that there is a cost to providing this local place of beauty.  If you do wish to show your support for our efforts there are two ways to do so:

  • Consider a donation, to the Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada
  • Purchase a bag of Black Oil Sunflower Seed from Levi Home Hardware in Almonte (476 Ottawa Street, Almonte) or from our farm location (text or call before coming to farm 613-978-4464)

Since we are “cash croppers” with up to 9 different crops in our rotation, the sunflowers change location each year.  This year, you will find the sunflower field at this location:

On Blakeney Road (Lanark County Road 17) – North of the Village of Blakeney and South of Panmure Road – if you get close you can’t miss the field.

Thanks for taking the time to read this blog and we look forward to a beautiful sunflower show in a couple of weeks.  Keep checking here for updates.

Harold and Shelley


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