Working relationships with a few local farmers are the backbone to any successful farm and we have a few that we rely on for guidance, experience, and a helping hand when needed.

We are such strong believers in collaboration and discussion that, in January 2015, we invited a few local farmers, a Renfrew County household name (Larry Reaburn), and our agronomist team to a “kitchen meeting” at our home. We openly discussed “the good the bad and the ugly” from 2014, the opportunities for 2015, cost of production and niche crops. We had 360 years of experience sitting around our kitchen table and it was an amazing afternoon of knowledge exchange and laughter.

Dave Blair – Up Above Seeds

Dave has been mentoring us and working with us since 1985. He’s a very well known and respected local farmer and seed dealer who has forgotten more than we will ever know. When we ask a questions, he usually answers with a question. He’d really like us to figure it out ourselves but, would never let us go too far wrong. We would not be where we are today without Dave.

Mike McGill – Neighbour and Employee

Our CEO (Chief Entertainment Officer) – he’s our right hand man and helps us with planting, harvesting, and decision making. He’s been with us since 2011. Mike loves to cut grass … to the point where Shelley isn’t allowed to do it anymore!

Mike uses our services for his planting, spraying, and trucking.

Wes Thom – Rockyrapids Farms

Wes has been working with us for three years now. We are able to collaborate with him throughout the season. We do some of his planting, spraying, and trucking. He does some of our planting and most of our harvesting. He’s a young guy with a lot of custom farming experience and lots of get up and go!

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