20 July 2021: We have planted 2 fields this year and they will bloom early, some flowers as early as this week. They will be at their height from the last week of July for 2 weeks. See the fields on a map below.

We’ve been growing spectacular fields of sunflowers for a few years now and we are proud of the photo opportunity this provides our community and visitors to our community.

We often are renting the field that we grow in from other land owners, as we rotate each year. It’s a privilege for us to do this and we need visitors to respect the fact that these fields are private property.

We are grateful to the many folks who respect our rules. Please help us keep our sunflower field an annual tradition that all can enjoy.

Picture of young woman taking a selfie in a sunflower field - please do not do this!
Please do not enter the sunflower field.

Image courtesy of CTV

Please read first

Before you visit, please understand:

  • You may NOT enter the field
  • You may NOT open any gate
  • You may NOT climb any fence
  • You may NOT take cuttings

The sunflower field is a glorious thing and the photos are wonderful, but the field is private property.

We need everyone to adhere to these rules or we won’t be able to continue growing our sunflowers. We need a healthy, undamaged crop to harvest for bird seed.

Following rules

If you see others in the field, please know that they are being disrespectful at a minimum and absolutely breaking the law by trespassing at maximum.

Please ask them to exit the field and show appreciation and respect for the farmer / land owner.

Thank you!!

2021 Sunflower Field Locations

The two fields that we have planted this year are easily viewed from the Ottawa Valley Rail Trail (OVRT) just north of Almonte as shown on this Google map.

Google map showing the location of two sunflower fields in 2021.

When to visit

Watch here each summer for news of where to find the sunflower field(s) and the best time to go.

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