About Harshell Enterprises

Shelley & Harold McPhailHarshell Enterprises is owned and operated by us, Harold and Shelley McPhail. Our farming operation is just outside of Almonte in Eastern Ontario. We were both born and raised in the area, and in 1985 we married and bought the farm that Shelley grew up on from her parents.

Today, Harshell Family Farm Enterprises relies on occasional help from two of our children, Hal and Amy, as well one part-time seasonal employee who has become essential to the smooth running of things at Harshell Farm. Mike is a local lad with a small farm of his own who began working with us three years ago. He has been integral in building our capacity to take on the work load that we do. Mike is keen, responsible, efficient, an avid “researcher”, and has a great ability to see the silver lining in every scenario. It seems that when things aren’t going as we would like on the farm, Mike can bring humour and reason to the discussion. We have come to rely heavily on Mike to be with us when we need him to be.

Harshell’s Core Services

Cash Cropping

Planting & Spraying Services for local farm operations

Trucking Services for local farm operations